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2nd-Dec-2003 07:46 pm - Well, that was a ridiculous run.
Turns out, I can't do this public thing.

Why do you read my journal if you hate it so much?

Friends only. Comment or add me and I'll add you back.
30th-Nov-2003 08:55 pm - In New York City's war on crime...
I'm so in love with LOCI.

I think I may very well know more of them than I think. It's a thought.

I'm feeling lots of stress right now from an unknown source. It's making me feel ill as anything. Went to Susan's tonight. Good lot that did. Teresa and Alicia. Where were those two? Oh, yes. Doing something else. Poor Susan was sick as anything, too. I feel so bad for that poor thing. I think she should just skip school tomorrow. If Zach Koch weren't such a dear and giving me a ride, I certainly would be.

Susan says Courtney might be in the hospital because his mother thinks he's anorexic. To that I say PSHAW. That boy eats. I've seen that boy eat. If anything, he's bulemic, but if he is, he's certainly got a technique that I'm not familiar with. A technique that involves eating then waiting a period of time.

I miss Laura a lot. I'm so scared that she's going to leave me. I can't imagine where she'd go, but if she leaves I'll die.

I'm feeling the tiniest bit scorned by someone. But there's another time and place to aire those feelings.

My period can suck my penis.
29th-Nov-2003 10:54 pm - Flairrr
Something more interesting, now that I've thought of it:

When I was out this evening, I drove around the parking lot of the mall after accompanying Laura in picking up her friends.
Had me pretty broken up, too.

So then I wandered into BestBuy. I'm looking at music when a middle aged woman asks me "Excuse me, Ma'am? Do you know what kind of music Linkin Park is?"

I think I probably made a terrible face out of instinct. "Rap metal?" I said, "It'll be here in 'pop/rock.'"

I'm not sure what significance this has in real life, but I was very taken aback.

There were also two pretty guys there. They gave me a look like "what are you doing here?" as though I were a kitten that got soaked in a torrential rain and wandered into a dog park for solace.
I was again taken aback.

Needless to say, I didn't buy anything tonight.
29th-Nov-2003 10:51 pm - Oh, and get this...
Courtney's in the hospital


Mayhaps I should call Laura.
29th-Nov-2003 10:17 pm - Whoever thinks it's funny
to keep getting into my LJ and changing things, please cut it out.
I'm getting annoyed.
29th-Nov-2003 02:08 pm - Update Journal...
If somebody doesn't confirm our plans, it's going to be tough going, because I'm not going to go out and pick somebody up, because it's too goddamn cold.

I was kind of hoping someone might want to come to my house tonight. We could start a fire and watch Christmas specials on tape. I'd even borrow White Christmas from Laura, as it's my favourite.
I'd even make hot chocolate and bake shortbread cookies.
I'd even decorate the house non-denomenational winter holiday style.
I'd even let someone help.

Christmas season rocks.

Christmas itself I could take or leave.

28th-Nov-2003 12:52 am - You wish
Jesus H.
Why does everyone hate me right now?

I think I'll move to a foreign land and change my name to something cryptic.

Who wants to go with me? I'll bring cake.

You were so condescending.

Bernie Mac is black.
He's gay.
He's happy all the time.
27th-Nov-2003 11:52 pm - Well, that was a pain in the ass.
Thanks, Jon. I'll assume it was you, Jon, dear, because you're the only one that knew my password. I'm not upset, but I'm hoping for an explination. Especially since I don't think I've made you angry.

At anyrate, I've lost my original entry. But it was about my plans. Now I'm too bored to retype it.

Eek. the Sharon Osbourne show is coming up next on WGN.
27th-Nov-2003 11:42 pm - DataFax
Fuck whoever stole my password. They can go touch themselves.
27th-Nov-2003 04:33 pm - You'll be doing alright
But I'll have a blue (blue blue blue) Christmas.

Happy Thanks(fornothing)giving.

That's not entirely true. The day as of now has been neither entirely happy nor thankless.
And if I weren't slowly losing blood, I'd be even more thankful.

Reasons I'm thankful:
1. Grandpa managed to make everyone in the restaurant uncomfortable by yelling on the top of his lungs that everyone in there truly was old!
2. Laura. I'd love to elaborate, but I just can't add anything to such a comprehensive response to the prompt. I love Laura to death. Even when I'm hating her and worrying myself sick over her, I love her.
3. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I don't like Christmas very much, but I certainly love the look, the smell, the feel of winter and its many holidays, specifically Christmas. I love everyone's excitement. I love Secret Santas.
4. Courtney. Here's to new and less annoying friends. (Even if he is a compulsive kleptomaniac.)
5. Gingerbread cookies. If I liked ginger, I'd be eating them constantly. Until I acquire such a taste, I'll simply adore the smell and look of them. Last year Miera strung them on thick red and green ribbons and hung them around the house, spreading their lovely aroma.
6. Mistletoe. Where the hell is the mistletoe? I've never stood underneath mistletoe, but it always brings a smile to my face at the Christmas Eve party when people stand underneath the dried spinach we pretend is mistletoe and kiss. Thier red noses touch and the cold seems to melt away, even for the rest of the people in the house. It's simply lovely.
7. Mixtapes. I think I would simply melt at the feet of anyone who made me one. Especially if it didn't suck.
8. My daddy. I miss him a lot right now. But he's in town, so I hope I see him sometime. I think that would be lovely. Yeah. I think that'd be very nice.
9. White Christmas. I want to watch White Christmas real bad. It seems like that would be so lovely. To watch it, and eat gingerbread during the commercials, with a fire in the fireplace. I want to hear Bing sing. With someone warm near by.
10. Frank Sinatra. The voice. Why can't he sing to me all the time? I think I deserve it.

And what did [he] do? [He] thought about [me].
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